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My name is James Joy and I would like to tell you a story!


Throughout my career I have worked with Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Armor Games, Disney and many more. Some of the franchises that I have been asked to create games for include the BAFTA award winning show The Amazing World Of Gumball, along with the incredibly popular Steven Universe and Lego Ninjago franchises.

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Over the years, I have created a large amount of games for the sponsorship market as well, where I worked very closely with publishers such as,,,,, and many, many more.


My games have reached over 100 million recorded players world wide and are continuing to grow each day.

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I studied Games Design (BA) at the University of Lincoln, where I received a first class honours degree upon completion of the course. My passion for game development has also led me to work with many highly skilled industry veterans, some of which worked on the likes of the Tomb Raider franchise, Uncharted, Time Splitters, Crysis and many more.


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I am a work for hire game developer and am always excited to hear about any new projects!

Please see my Services page to see what I can offer you and your product.



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How are you?

Well, I'm just peachy!

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