Ben 10: Omnitrix Shadow

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After Forever Knight infects the Omnitrix with a shadow virus, Ben 10 will have to travel around the world fighting an army of bad guys to put things right. Use the special powers of Diamondhead, Four Arms, Rath and other aliens to take down the villains.


Metroidvania Beat Em Up - In the style of Streets of Rage with the ability to travel between different locations. Featuring a fun combat system, which mixes fast paced melee combat and ranged shooting mechanics.


Replayability - Travel around the world and revisit old areas to find new rewards. Use special abilities you have unlocked to access new areas.


3 Locations from the show on release - 2 additional locations to be released as content updates.


Big Boss Battles - A boss at the end of each location.


10 Playable Alien Forms - Equip 3 Alien forms at a time and switch between them at will, depending on the situation.


Customize your HQ - Collect and open special boxes that will help you design and develop your own unique HQ.

● Unlocks and Rewards - Unlock special abilities, increase max HP, find




The Ben 10 Omnitrix Shadow is a HTML5/WebGL game developed by James Joy (Headfizz) for Cartoon Network.





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