The Powerpuff Girls: HypnoBliss

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The Gnat has returned for revenge and has taken poor Bliss under his control, using his patented mind control device. With Bliss at his command, he creates a large army of similarly disgusting insects who need a good splatting. Travel through multiple worlds on the trail of Bliss, while fighting off his vile horde of pests. Time to get out the bug spray.


21 Large Levels - Large sprawling levels spread across 3 worlds. Each world featuring something unique.


Fluid Flying mechanics - Dash and Glide around the world with ease and drop to the ground with style.


Ingenious Items - Carry items that have awesome abilities. Blasters, Boomers, Lasers and more!


Prickly Puzzles - Use items, flying and the environment to solve tricky mind benders.


Super Ugly Bad Guys - Loads of em. Some fly, some jump, some are big and some are small.


Hypnotizing Story - Animated cutscenes tell a tale of revenge and stupidity.



Check out the game on the UK Cartoon Network website! You can also find the game by searching on Google or Youtube.


The Powerpuff Girls HypnoBliss is a HTML5/WebGL game developed by James Joy (Headfizz) for Cartoon Network.





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